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Our Services

We provide many kinds of construction services to the residents of the Alabama Gulf Coast region from Mobile, Alabama, and each of these services is delivered with the highest level of workmanship and superior customer service of any residential construction company in the area.

If you've been thinking about making any kind of home improvements around your household, or if you want a completely new structure built, please call Valdes Construction Group before you talk to anyone else. We pledge to do whatever it takes to earn your complete satisfaction with our attention to detail and outstanding workmanship. Here are some of the construction services we can provide for you:

Drafting and design services

We use 3-D modeling and rendering software to help clients visualize how construction will look on completion, and once we've agreed on a design to be used, this can serve as the reference for ongoing work. This approach makes it easy for you to 'see' the end result before work is even started, and it also makes changes easy to apply as the project proceeds.

Granite marble and quartz fabrication

Working with stone such as granite, marble, and quartz is something of an art form, and our skilled specialists are artisans in their own right. Using their many years of experience, and the skills they've acquired in that time, they can profile and polish stone for use throughout your household, for instance on counter tops, so that the end result is a beautiful and durable surface that you can take great pride in, and which offers years of outstanding service.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most commonly used areas in your home, and they are also to the areas which add the greatest resale value to a home, so they are among the most advantageous home improvement projects which can be undertaken by any homeowner. We can work with you to design and implement a partial or complete remodel of your kitchen or bathroom to enhance livability and increase the enjoyment of all your household occupants.

Home additions

Sometimes a growing family needs a new room added on, for instance when baby is born, or when some of the kids start getting a little older and need their own bedrooms. A den or office area can be a tremendous help for a busy professional who frequently works from home. There are endless ideas for new rooms and endless reasons for such additions, and we can help you design and install any of them to accommodate the changing needs of your household.

Roofing construction

Even the best constructed roofs eventually need replacement, and since they play such a critical role in protecting your home's occupants and valuables, your home's roofing system should be checked regularly for any kind of damage. We can do this inspection for you, and recommend repairs or replacement as needed, then consult with you about the best type of roof to be installed on your dwelling.


If you've been thinking about installing beautiful new hardwood flooring, or if your current flooring looks a little beaten down by traffic, or even if you're just ready for a change to the same flooring you've been looking at for years, we'll be glad to review the possibilities with you, and suggest some options that will work well for specific rooms you have in mind.


Unless your home is fairly new, chances are the plumbing in it was installed quite a while ago and may need updating. It's always a hassle when there's a plumbing failure in your home, and emergency service is necessary. If your home's plumbing is in need of updating, we can install the newest and most modern fittings, fixtures, and piping before you're inconvenienced by plumbing failures.

Storm and termite damage

Severe weather can do a great deal of damage to a home, for instance by breaking windows or blowing away roofing components, and these represent a security issue for your home as well as a protective one. Damage from termites might be a little less spectacular, but the slow-working harm inflicted by termites can be just as devastating to your home. We can help you recover from either of these kinds of home damage and restore security and great appearance to your home.

Steel fabrication

Steel is often used structurally in homes are other buildings, and while it provides tremendous strength to a structure, it does require expert cutting, bending, and assembling in order to be most useful. Our specialists have the knowledge and skills to handle whatever kind of steel fabrication is necessary for a project we undertake with you.

Investments and foreclosure renovations

Very often work needs to be done on foreclosure properties and on investment properties that need enhancements before resale. We can help you accomplish all necessary improvements at the most affordable costs, so that you can maximize appearance and livability, while still realizing a profit on your investment.